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character animation  |  production
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I love animating and connecting with others.

To bring cheer, patience, and problem-solving into Austin-area creative services, especially character animation (3d/CGI) and related video production/project management.


Animator / Producer – Moontower VFX, Austin, TX (
February 2017-June 2017: Producing/animating for undeclared projects.

Lead Layout Artist / Animator – Mighty Coconut, Austin, TX (
July 2016-February 2017: Provided layout, animation, fixes and shot finaling (Maya) for a children’s series called "Kings Of Atlantis" on YouTube Red Originals.

Producer – Invodo, Inc., Austin, TX (
October 2013-June 2016: Produced the Verizon Wireless customer experience for in-store on-device showcases, including animated videos, graphics, and interactive content.

Animator – The Rugan Concept, Los Angeles, CA (, remotely from Austin, TX
December 2015-January 2016:Animated a pitch for a full-length CGI/Live action feature film (XSI).

Animation Supervisor & CG Producer – Danny and the Wild Bunch, remotely from Austin, TX
July 2013-September 2014: Supervised animation and CGI production for “Danny and the Wild Bunch” film (2014), an award-winning blend of live action and CGI characters directed by Robert J. Rugan, III. Animated shots (XSI), critiqued animation, and coordinated CGI tasks for our virtual studio team.

Animation Supervisor & Layout Artist – One Per Person, remotely from Austin, TX
March 2011-September 2014: Supervised animation and layout for “One Per Person” film (2015). Provided layout, rig testing, animating (Maya), shot delegating/critiquing for our 50+ member virtual team.

Producer – Janimation, Dallas, TX (
March 2012-August 2012: Produced CGI-animated commercial TV/web video spots for a variety of clients.

Freelance Animator – Elevatid, Swedesboro, NJ (, remotely from Austin, TX
November 2011:Animated a pitch project for a candy company (XSI).

Character Animator – SpeakeasyFX, Westfield, NJ (
September 2008-July 2011: Animated Sesame Street’s “Abby’s Flying Fairy School” TV segments (XSI) with a quota of 700-1000 frames per week. Assisted with layout, composition, and show continuity. Helped with coordination, creative direction, game logic, layout, and animation for online interactive Flash games. Animated Joe (science lab) for Capri Sun’s “Disrespectoids” online campaign (2011), various shots for “Hot Dog & Hamburger” IP (2010), SpeakeasyFX & Sarofsky Corp. Coca-Cola iPhone promotion (2009).

Freelance Animator – LAUNCH, New York, NY (
September 2010-October 2010: Provided 3d animation, composition, mocap cleanup for commercial pre-viz.

Art Director – CVC Communications, Fort Wayne, IN (
May 2006-December 2008: Developed branding and visual media needs of the company and its clients (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, HTML, Dreamweaver).


Animation Mentor – Diploma of Advanced Studies in Character Animation, Apr. 2006 – Jan. 2008
Studied timing, acting, interaction, planning, refining techniques, and feedback methods for improvement

Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN – Bachelor of Science, CG Animation, Aug. 2001 – May 14, 2005
  • Outstanding CGT Senior of the Year, Outstanding Professional Project Award (2005)
  • Select Lecturer at university-level workshops in Poland teaching computer graphics and animation (2004)
  • SIGGRAPH Chapter Secretary (2002-2005); Conference Attendee (2003-2007); Student Volunteer (2004)
  • Inducted into Epsilon Pi Tau, International Honorary of Leadership in Technology (2003)
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